Our products are mainly imported from POSCO South Korea. Being one of the largest steel maker in the world, POSCO products are known for it's exceptional quality. With POSCO FINEX technology, our product are more environmental friendly, producing less pollutant exhaustion during manufacturing process compare to traditional methods.

Below are the few product categories available.

Automovie Steel

Automotive materials are high value products which lead lightweight trends and supply to automobile companies throughout the world with hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel used in automobiles

Cold-Rolled Steel

Cold rolled steel is a high quality steel material with a smooth surface and excellent processing capabilities and it is also a vital material in modern society where consumption life is improved and diversified

Hot-Rolled Steel

This coil-type hot rolled steel strip and hot rolled steel sheet has been folded and produced by Hot Strip Mill

Steel Plate

Thick steel sheet possessing more than 6mm in thickness

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Special steel with smooth surfaces, excellent corrosion-resistance and high value steel material which can be used in various forms without extra processing

Electro Galvanized Steel

The cold rolled steel and anneal treated products which are electrochemically plated onto the surface