Quality Policy

POSCO-MKPC Sdn. Bhd is committed to continually improve our quality management system in processing and distribution of steel coils and sheets, ultimately providing products and services that meet regulatory requirements and customers’ expectation.

Environmental Policy

POSCO-MKPC SDN BHD is committed to monitor and continually improve our environmental performance, prevention of pollution and environmental protection.

The goal will be achieved by:-

  1. Implementing a continual improvement management system in our environmental performance and periodically review and auditing the established system
  2. Committed to prevent land and water pollution
  3. Committed to comply with environmental legal and other requirements
  4. Conserve natural resource by reducing energy and water consumption and creating a paperless office environment
  5. Communicate the policy with all interested parties through training so as to improve their environmental awareness

Occupational Safety and Health Policy

We, POSCO-MKPC SDN BHD has a fundamental responsibility and commitment to ensure that all employees, contractors and visitors are in a safe, healthy work environment and comply with all applicable safety health legal and regulations and other requirement.

Our Occupational Safety and Health Policy:

  1. In the manufacturing of its products, safety and health of all persons involved are utmost priority
  2. Committed for injury and ill health prevention and continual improvement in Occupational Safety and Health performance
  3. Committed to comply with ISO 45001 standard and applicable legal requirements
  4. Develop and enforce the use of safe working practices and to provide continuous safety training and activities to employees
  5. Liaise with relevant authorities to keep track of any changes in the safety and health requirement
  6. Create a positive safety culture through collaboration with employee, contractor and visitor in compliance of safety instruction and regulation at workplace

Management and all the employees are commmitted and accountable for this policy.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

POSCO-MKPC has a longstanding commitment to provide a safe, quality-oriented and productive work environment. For these reasons, POSCO-MKPC is committed to the elimination of drug and alcohol use and abuse in the workplace.

POSCO-MKPC prohibits the following:

  1. The abuse, consumption supply, possession, use, concealment, transportation, purchase, manufacture, dispensing, sale or promotion of any drugs, alcohol and any illegal substance while inside POSCO-MKPC premise
  2. Working, attending work or participating in POSCO-MKPC activities while:
  • under the influence of drugs, alcohol or illegal substance except prescribed medication
  • under the influence of prescription drugs, if such use impairs the ability to work or participate safely in the activity

All the mention work rules are also applies to all contractor, supplier, visitor, transporter, forwarder and any interested parties.


Cert.ISOWe are proud to announce that POSCO-MKPC have achieved ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 accreditation. Customers can be rest assured that we are complied with procedures and processes inherited from these ISO frameworks. Constantly offer quality products & services, safer workplace and environmental friendly processes.


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